International Sales Promotion Product Creation for Global Enterprises
We don't know what company to go to for international production of promotional goods and in-store POP items. We know that having our goods produced internationally will mean a large production run, but we need a global company who can manage every element of the production.

Japanese companies targeting wealthy Asian consumers are on the rise. But their needs are no different from those of most Japanese consumers. They need value-added sales promotions plans that other companies simply can't deliver. We hear so many customers asking "What companies can produce the promotional goods and in-store POP items we need overseas? Can they deliver on time? Will the products be high quality?" Ami Promotions has over 40 years of experience carrying out sales promotions inside Japan and 20 years of experiencing producing goods in China.

High quality products made at low Chinese prices.
When you need a value-added strategy for Chinese production

You can produce sales promotion goods at low Chinese prices with Japanese quality and production experience. And delivery doesn't just have to be to China or Japan - we can send your products anywhere in the world. Through producing your promotional goods and items in China you are able to cut down on the production time, difficulty as well as your unit cost.


Original Product Categories

If you are interested in producing another type of item please ask us at any time.

Ami Promotions is also the Japanese agent for clients such as the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests regarding international media exposure or collaborations.

Working internationally with the motto "Our Business is Creation".

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